About Department

Mathematics Education program is designed to allow teacher candidates to take a variety of classes related to the development of secondary and high schools students. The program of mathematics education to be taught in English language has a mission that includes teaching and learning methodology, basic mathematical requirement, research and service consistent with the wide missions of the faculty of education and the universities in these areas.


The Department will:

G1. Offer courses that:

  1. Build and enhance computational skills necessary in today`s society
  2. Develop the students` ability to critically interpret numerical and graphical data.
  3. Develop and enhance the students` problem solving skills.
  4. Encourage and reinforce the analytical thinking skills of the students.

G2. Work closely with other Departments and colleges within the University to ensure that their student majors have the necessary mathematical background to succeed in their discipline both academically and professionally.

G3. Ensure that the student candidates of the Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education degree programs have the necessary content courses to become certified in the Region of Kurdistan and will pass the certification exams in mathematics.

G4. Offer courses to In-Service Teachers that will enhance their mathematical content knowledge.

G5. Offer a minor in Mathematics that allows the non-major to take more specialized classes in math.

G6. Offer undergraduate degree programs that meet the needs of the student majors, the discipline, industry, education, and society.

G7. Re-institute the Masters in Mathematics, offering concentrations in Applied Mathematics and Teaching of Mathematics.

G8. Provide an environment which will help all faculty and staff to achieve their professional goals.


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