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Social Events

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2 Short Story Writing Competition  


We ll organize a writing competition as we did last year.

We’ll define a topic about it. Guidelines will be given to students.

The successful students and students who attend the competition will be also awarded with additional grades to following courses.

In 2nd class Academic Writing

In 3rd class English Literature

In 4th class Material Adaptation

Dr. Basil Qahtan
3 Short movie Competition   Students are supposed to prepare their own short movies.

They can find their own team from ELT students and their own scenario.

We’ll prepare guidelines including time limit and subject of the movies.

Mr. Basar Batur
10 ELT Club Activities  



ELT Department will start a departmental club. This club will organize social activities for students and will help department in any activities for students.

Some of the Social activities that will (may) be organized are:

1-      Football tournament (for boys) (In November 2014)

2-      Volleyball tournament (For girls) (In November 2014)

3-      ELT Magazine (Publishing)Newsletter

4-      Welcome meal (will be organized in each class)

5-      Farewell meal (for 4th year students) (May 23, 2015)

6-      Graduates Annual Meeting (November 22, 2015)

7-      Movie shows (Once a month)

8-      Mothers meeting (breakfast)

9-      Picnics (April- May ,2015)

10-   Exhibitions

11-   Reading Club

12-   Conversation Club

Mr.Pashew Majeed





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