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Scientific Events

Debate Competition There can be two different competition.

1-      In Academic Debate course, there will be some competitions.

2-      In ELT , a competition between groups from different classes will be held.

The style of the competition, topics etc. will be determined.

Present packs of university will be award for the winner group.

We ll try this in the first term and if we think that we will be able to compete with other universities, we will organize a debate comp. with some other universities (For example: ELT dep. of Salahaddin)

Mr. Mehmet Atik

Dr.Numan Kanar


We will include students

Workshops We’ll organize workshops for 4th year students in the name of “Teacher Training Workshops”. This is a trial for this year. Next year we may do it with other levels.

There will be three groups. Lecturers who wants to organize a workshop will apply to Mr. İbrahim Nişancı. He’ll prepare the schedule. This is not a seminar. So that we want it to be interactive with students.

4th Year  Advisor
3rd Students Conference This is our second organization. On Students’ Seminars Day, students will give seminars to their friends.

Lessons will be dismissed on that day.

Students will be prepared for their speeches with the supervision of some lecturers.

Both participants and speakers will be given certificates.

Present packs for the speakers can be prepared.

Mr. Hamdi Serin
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