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KICK THE SEMESTER OFF National Full Day Workshops Event

Feb 16

On Thursday Feb.2nd, 2017 a series of workshops on Kick the Semester Off were presented by English Language Teaching department’s educators Mr.Pashew M. Nuri , Mr.Basar Batur and Dr. Basil Q Muhammad . The workshop was consisted of six sessions. The first session was presented by Assistant Lecturer Mr. Pashew M. Nuri. He presented a workshop named by Learning Environment Set: Tools for the begging of a semester. Next Lecturer Dr. Basil Q Muhammad lecturer read a poem to the

Stop! I Need to Know: Check for Understanding while Teaching

Jan 29

‘Teachers on the go’ is a workshop series that includes four sessions tackling techniques of teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education.  The workshops are presented by ELT Assistant Lecturer, Pashew M. Nuri. The second session in the series was entitled Stop! I Need to Know: Check for Understanding while Teaching. The workshop presented and utilized some tools for assessing learning in a lecture scenario on Critical Pedagogy.

Some tools for flipped classroom II

Jan 29

The second session of the workshop of Some Tools for Flipped Classroom was presented to the education faculty’s educators. The workshop had two parts: presentation and application. In the presentation part the audience were introduced some interactive web tools that can be used inside or outside of the classroom such as “go classroom”, “thing link”, and “kahoot”. In the second part the audience had chance to apply what they have been explained.

The Music of English Poetry

Jan 15

     The Music of English Poetry is the title of a seminar that was presented to the staff of the ELT Department by Dr Basil Q Muhammad on 27th December 2016. The seminar commenced from the phonological concepts of the syllable, word stress, prominence and intonation. From these concepts, it then proceeded to explain the natural rhythm of the English language, and how that has become the source of the metrical system of English poetry.  The presenter then introduced the

Some tools for Flipped Classroom

Dec 05

Another session was added to English Language Teaching Department‘s the Professional Development Session Series by Assistant Lecturer Mr. Ibrahim Nişancı. He presented a seminar to the Education Faculty under the title of “Some tools for Flipped Classroom”. The web based tools were suggested to educators that can be applied in a Flipped classroom to produce an alternative classroom. The importance of using online teaching application was shown during the workshop. Such online application tools can facilitate the teachers’ duty to an

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