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Mission & Vision


Ishik ELT department aims to graduate teachers

  • who view teaching as service to students, society and the world;
  • apprehend the importance of teaching;
  • love teaching profession and learners;
  • are willing to embrace to teach and educate people in any conditions;
  • are competent and fluent in English;
  • have proficient subject content knowledge;
  • can work collaboratively;
  • can use teaching technologies effectively;
  • are diligent researchers for their professional development;
  • believe that education occurs from cradle to grave;
  • and are respectable, caring, sharing, decent, altruist, compassionate, sympathetic



Vision of English Language Teaching Department is contributing to the national and international educational world by cultivating the English Language Teachers of the future with its academics producing knowledge and services beyond the view of contemporary university education and always seeking for better quality.

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