Fourth Commemoration Ceremony for Martyrs

With partnership of Ministery of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the volunteer students and staff, Ishik University Deanery of Student held the fourth (4th) commemoration ceremony under the name of “Thanks for Martyrs” which was dedicated to the departed people who had been killed by chemical bombing in Halabja, Anfal, Raparin, and recent Martyrs by the attack of the terrorist group of ISIS.

The ceremony was held in Saad Abdullah Conference Hall. To this spectacular event, ten Martyr families and injury person from ten different region of the Kurdistan have been invited. Plaques and gifts were presented to the Martyrs’ families from Zakho to Halabja: Martyr Rebar from Zakho, Martyr Haji from Duhok, Martyr Zero from Barzan, Martyr Rawand from Hawler, Martyr Muhammed from Kalar, Martyr Sarkawt from Said Sadq, Martyr Shifa Gardy, and Martyr Salah Dilmany from Ranya. Martyr Mustafa from Xabat and Martyr Sami from Kerkuk

Dr. Idris Hadi Head of Board of Trustees at Ishik University made his speech on behalf of Ishik University. Following the president’s utterances, Dr. Nuri Harzani gave a speech on behalf of Ministry of Higher Education and extends his thanks to Ishik University for this program. Mr. Baravan Hamdi delivered a speech on behalf of Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs. Next, Mr. Nawzad Hadi Governor of Erbil made a speech as to significance of the program Martyr families. However, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas President of Ishik University hosted the honorary guests in protocol.

During the program, theater presented by famous artist in the region, dedicated to the Martyrs. The event was so emotional since the Martyrs commemorated, Martyrs families as well as government officials, academics, students and visitors were had deep feelings.

The ceremony has ended with the songs of famous Kurdish singer Nasr Razazi which were about Peshmerga.

The interest in the program was very high. It was telecasted on Kurdish channels and on periscope by the social media department of the university.

Ishik University’s respect and loyalty to Kurdistan Martyrs has shown once more.

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