Charity: Mercy Corner

Dean of Students of Ishik University and volunteer students with partnership of Dilnewa Organization went to Khazir Camp for donating the collected materials. These materials and household items were 1200 plastic bags of clothes, blankets, toys and 300 plastic bags of cleaning materials having been collected by the students and staff of Ishik University.

Three weeks ago, Student Deanery started a spark for campaign under the title of “Mercy Corner” so that whoever wants to donate can bring their extra clothes (all ages were included), blanket, toys, etc…

Our volunteer students and staff prepared packets filled with these materials and delivered them to the families who live in the refugee camps. There was a Mercy Corner in each building of our university for those who wanted to help and give their extra stuffs and household items to brothers and sisters in the refugee camps within the spirit of slogan “You may make a family or a child happy by bringing a small extra thing you have.”

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