Charity for Nursing Home

Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics with the cooperation of the Deanery of Students and Ministry of Labor and Social Affair organized a social activity under the name of Charity to the Nursing Home of Erbil.

In this activity, more than 40 students participated and were welcomed by Mr. Sulaimani Social Researcher in the Nursing Home. He talked about the general life of the elderly people from both genders and briefly explained the stories behind their background and other issues. There was a question and answer session between students and Mr. Sulaimani.  Students got new social benefits and were deeply in thought about what is happening with those people and the problem behind all those sad stories during the session.

Mr. Muhammad Balaban a student from the Engineer Department played his flute and sang the local songs for all the participants. Everyone was so happy with Mr. Balaban’s extraordinary skills and his nice voice.

In the end, students presented their gifts to the elderly people.

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