Social Activities

happy women’s day

8 th of march is a special day in kurdistan  as well as in language center of ishik university .  we celebrated  this great day  we did a small party for the girl students and we had fun . 3,777 total views, 9 views today

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Certificate Ceremony

Yesterday, Mr. Mahir Hiwa, PR and Course Organizer at Continuing Education Center Prepared Certificate Ceremony for evening courses in(English, Turkish) (Starter and Elementary level) at the Education building Ground Floor as an activity to motivate students to be in the real language environment. Students were so pleased and thankful to …

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Physically Challenged Students Smiled on the Campus!

Physically Challenged Students Smiled on the Campus! Ishik University hosted physically challenged students from Hiwa Center on the 7th of February 2017 on the premises. Senior staff of the university was among the hosts: Dr. Idres Hadi Head of Board Trustees and Prof Dr. Ahmet Oztas President showed their care and interest …

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