Head’s Message

Fatih CUra

Welcome to the Department of International Relations & Diplomacy (IR&D) of ISHIK.

Choosing a university should not be so easy. You, who interested in International Relations, do not choose the IR Studies only, you choose the specialized IR Studies with diplomatic skills too associated with the regional and global studies as well determining your other career paths by choosing IR&D Department at ISHIK University.

I would like to attempt to address the importance of the department for you, prospective students. None of those all concepts are not independent from each other such as diplomacy, international relations, politics, globalization, and etc. The practice of diplomacy and diplomatic methods, and study of International Relations have already proven the needs for professional and well educated specialist in the fields. This need inevitably has been ended yet for today’s world since the modern world is increasingly shrinked in the context of countries, governments, international organizations, institutions, and etc., and business world too. You need to take account these new elements end tools to adapt to this modern world for your qualifications. In this point, the earth is almost flattened in our globalized world. Therefore, the IR&D Department aimed to provide the wide range of essential teaching and research of IR and Diplomatic studies since 2014 in order to growing modern need. This is, as well, deepen your education and affect your future choices providing new opportunities in the field of foreign relations, humanitarian organizations, law, international business and trade, journalism, governmental or non-governmental offices, multinational corporations, and so on. That’s why, our first aim to enhance the ISHIK graduate’s ability with ethical & human values, and make them ready for their own further career path in the years ahead having the opportunity to perform miscellaneous extra-curricular activities and sector practice visiting institutions related with politics apart from the theoretical education.

I kindly thank to the new comers for joining us on diplomatic and IR Studies, and regional studies too.

Fatih Cura

Head of International Relations and Diplomacy Department



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