Head’s Message

Fatih CUra


Since neither proper financial system in the region pursued nor banking system properly established comparing to the ones in developed countries. In the market, there is a need to develop these important infrastructures of the country. Therefore, Department of Banking and Finance endeavors to take initiatives to improve the financial and banking system in the region. The financial services sector in many countries is assumed as one of the leading roles to shape the financial landscape in the region. With the goal of becoming a local financial hub, the need for competent and trustworthy specialists in the country and the region is apparent. Moreover, with Banking and Finance Department is a innovative and flexible learning environment. The program offers a unique opportunity to shape the careers of future finance professionals. On the other hand, the banking sector was always deemed to be one of the most vital sectors for the economy to be able to function, In all economic systems, banks have the leading role in planning and implementing financial policy. Therefore, in our Department, we equip students with latest knowledge and practical sessions to fill the need of current financial and banking market.

Fatih Cura


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