1st National Pop-Conference of Math Department

Mathematics Education Department recently organized the 1st National Pop-Conference on Saturday, March 04, 2017 for its graduate students.

Most of the universities around the world organize professional development programs for their senior students such as workshops, seminars, conferences and courses. As Mathematics Education Department, we decided to organize a National Pop-Conference for our senior students on March 04, 2017.

Math Educators have been visited before the conference to invite them as a speaker. There were 10 speaker from seven different schools for a 35-minutes-interactive-speech. The conference was successfully held. However, there was an exhibition as to photos made by numbers and a stand as to math games so that student could play.

Our conference, as well, hosted honorary guest; Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas President of Ishik University, Dr. Suleyman Celik Dean of Education Faculty, Dr. Duran Kala, Dean of Dentistry Faclty, and Dr. Halit Vural Dean of Engineering Faculty.


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