Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest in the International Conference in India: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas

The President of Ishik University, Prof. Dr. Ahmet OZTAS, has been invited to India to attend the International Conference on Research and Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology in Gujarat as chief guest on the inaugural function and enlighten the conference with his keynote speech that fostered the conference in a positive direction and motivated the team as well as participants. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Oztas, as a keynote speaker, gave speech entitled “Current Trends in Engineering Education: Focused on Student Centered Learning” in the conference.

The conference theme was “Responding to the Challenges of Globalization through Science, Engineering and Technology Innovations” (ICRISET 2017), organized by Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya (BVM) Engineering College during 17-19 February, 2017. This was a three-day event which brought together science and engineering professionals and researchers in the country and in other parts of the world to share recent discoveries and results of their scientific innovations.

BVM is exactly 101 years after the engineering education in India was initiated, and is the first engineering college of state established way back in 1948 functioning under the umbrella of Charutar Vidya Mandal (CVM). CVM was established in 1945 for the upliftment of rural education. Over the span of 71 years CVM has been making spectacular process by venturing into various emerging disciplines. Today, CVM is nurturing 49 educational institutions of diverse types contributing the panoramic growth of Vallabh Vidyanagar and New Vallabh Vidyanagar.

In this spectacular event, he, as well, made important visits and new connections on behalf of Ishik University.

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